ProjectGen 24

Registration company in Ukraine

To register a company with foreign investments / founders or register a branch of a foreign company, please fill out the form below.

Upload the archive file with the documents for registration in a specific entry field:

For private incorporators:

  • Personal identification documents (passport)

  • Tax identification number (TIN for founder - resident of Ukraine)

For legal entities - founders:

  • Charter, a document confirming the registration of a legal entity-founder (containing information about the registered office)

  • Information about the acting directors of the legal entities-founders in the form of an extract from the trade register

  • A document confirming the authorities of the directors of the legal entities-founders

  • A document confirming the authorities of persons acting as representatives of a Legal entity-Founder

  • A document confirming the identity of the director and the person acting under the Power of Attorney (attorney in fact)

  • Documents containing information on the composition of participants (members) / shareholders

  • Certificate from the bank about opening an account

  • All of the above-mentioned documents to the final beneficiary of the legal entity-founder too