Homestay Host Families Form 申请成为寄宿家庭表格

Do you wish to host for (can choose more than one) ? 您希望做哪一种寄宿家庭(可多选)?

Working With Children Check (WWCC) 您有WWCC吗?(请注意,按照相关法律要求,所有18岁以下学生的寄宿家庭都需要WWCC)

Host family detail

Agreement between homestay and student 寄宿家庭和学生间的共识

Public transport 公共交通

Meal details (Provide a sample of a weekly menu in your home) 三餐 (请按照您家里的实际情况提供下一周三餐的食谱)

Police Check Certificate

Do you have the driver license?

Reference Person Details 參考人詳細資料