International Students Applications for Homestay Form 国际学生申请寄宿家庭表格

Personal Information 学生信息

Parent Information 父母信息

Re payment of invoices for Homestay - please advise 寄宿家庭账单和费用负责人细节

Emergency Contact 紧急联络人

School 学校

If not studying at secondary school 如果不是就读高中

Who will be your Extra Care Counsellor? (If not known, please write “N/A”) 你的监护人是谁?(如果还不知道,请填N/A)

Homestay Requirement 寄宿家庭信息

How will you get to the Homestay? 你怎样到达寄宿家庭?

About Homestay - Your preferences 关于寄宿家庭-你的喜好

Please tell us more about yourself 请让我们多了解你一些